Members’ Loyalty Scheme Rules

  1. To participate in the Loyalty Scheme (“the Scheme") the customer must be a member of the Blockley Cooperative Association (“BCA") throughout the particular Bonus Period (or from the date of becoming a member if later than the start of that Bonus Period) and on the related Declaration Day (see below). Membership must be demonstrated by production of a plastic membership card to be provided. Lost membership cards will be replaced on request on payment of an administrative charge of £1 and completion of the form available at the shop.

  2. Loyalty bonus “points" will be earned on every occasion when the till receipt for goods purchased in the shop/café by the member (excluding postal services, PayPoint, cash-back or Lottery transactions) exceeds £5, at the rate of five points for each complete £5 spent.

  3. Bonus points will be recorded electronically by the BCA on presentation of the membership card at the time of purchase.

  4. If a BCA cashier or the Shop Manager has reason to believe that the customer tendering the membership card is not a member of the BCA, he or she may decline to award any bonus points at that time and request sight of the customer's BCA share certificate. Upon presentation of the share certificate the BCA will immediately add the declined bonus points to the member's loyalty record.

  5. Bonus points will accumulate for periods of six months ending 30 April and 31 October (the “Bonus Period") although the initial period may be slightly longer.

  6. Bonus points earned by a member in a Bonus Period will be satisfied by the issue of Bonus Vouchers in denominations of £1 and £2. Any bonus points accumulated in a Bonus Period in excess of those satisfied by the issue of Bonus Vouchers for that period will be carried forward and added to the bonus points earned in the next Bonus Period.

  7. Bonus Vouchers can only be used by a member and only to purchase goods in the shop/café. Note that Bonus Vouchers will not be exchangeable for postal services, PayPoint, cash-back or Lottery transactions.

  8. Bonus Vouchers will be issued within 14 days after the Declaration Day at the end of the relevant Bonus Period. The date of the Declaration Day will be announced in advance. The Bonus Voucher(s) will either be delivered to the member's address or be distributed at the shop on presentation of the membership card. The method(s) of distribution will be announced by the BCA management committee at the end of each Bonus Period.

  9. The amount of the bonus payable in Bonus Vouchers in respect of bonus points earned and recorded electronically by the BCA for each Bonus Period will be announced on the Declaration Day for that period.

  10. Bonus vouchers must be claimed and used within 3 months of the Declaration Day.

  11. No change will be given where Bonus Vouchers are tendered for goods with an aggregate purchase price that is less than the face value of Bonus Vouchers tendered.

  12. On the death of a member, any accumulated bonus points earned by that member may be transferred to another member of the immediate family (i.e. spouse or legal partner, parent or child) who is at that time a member of the BCA, provided the BCA is notified within three months of the member's death by that other member or by the deceased member's executor. In the event that no request is received within three months of death, the accumulated points will be forfeited.

  13. Any accumulated bonus points earned by a member may be cancelled if no new bonus points are earned by that member in two successive Bonus Periods.

  14. On production of the membership card members will also be entitled to participate in various other benefits on concessionary terms such as:

    • Special events;

    • Special offers in the shop.

  15. The BCA reserves the right to amend these Scheme Rules at any time or to suspend the Scheme without notice.

  16. Where in the opinion of the BCA a member breaches these Rules the BCA may exclude that member from the Scheme forthwith and without notice and the member shall have no right of redress against the BCA.

Last updated: Thursday, 29 January 2015